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  • 51pipe 2 m stainless (conventional)B
  • 51pipe 2 m stainless (conventional)B
51pipe 2 m stainless (conventional)B51pipe 2 m stainless (conventional)B

51pipe 2 m stainless (conventional)B

  • Base: 320 flat pan
  • Tensile elongation: 2 m
  • Surface treatment: bright finish
  • Guarantee period: 2 years
  • Product description: This product is made of 304# stainless steel material with a full thickness of 1.0mm. Its workmanship and technology are the top in the industry. The head USES a separable, one-piece retractable devic

• product number: yc-5102SLGDB

product specification: 320flat pan x 51 pipe diameter x 910 high (MM)

• main material: #304 stainless steel

• thickness of pipe wall and face plate: up to1.0mm

• [extender] adopts stainless steel inlet spring and 2 m nylon ribbon four-way connector.

, galvanized shell weight 】 【 pouring concrete seal at the bottom of the stainless steel plate, effectively prevent the counterweight plate caused by ground moisture rust), equipped with rubber ring, effectively prevent wear and tear on the ground, optional counterweight shapes have (flat, zahn, beep disk, U disk, the wheel plate, etc.), for with compound cast iron base please contact with the salesman!

• [printing] 4 yuan for monochrome LOGO printing, 6 yuan for multi-color LOGO printing, free design and layout until satisfied!


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